Nicklas Westin

Contemporary, modern Japanese tattoo artist with great attention to details

Arrived from Sweden, Nicklas renews the image of the traditional Japanese tattoo by adding a touch of modernity. It’s very characteristic of his work the way he cares for every detail. 

Lucille De Vil

American Black traditional centered tattoo artist, with solid lines and black contrasts

Lucille comes from Alicante and she has been working with the whole crew from Family Art Tattoo for three years. She respects and admires all styles of tattooing, but her focus is on traditional American black, with solid lines and contrasting black.

Javier Obregón

Biomechanical tattoo artist. He Works grays with lots of black and contrasting everything with a red lightning 

He works with different styles of tattoos, but in the past years he has specialized in Black and Gray and Biomechanical compositions. The pieces that identify him the most are those that he does in gray with large amounts of black and some contrasting lighting in red. His goal is for his work to have a great visual impact and to achieve this, he  develops large pieces where he uses the anatomy of the person.


New school cartoon tattooer with greater intensity of color and gradients in his designs

Although its incorporation into the world of tattooing is the most recent, it has already carved a niche for itself within the new school style with its particular casual variant. He highlights the intensity of color and gradients in his designs.


Tattoo artist specialized in Old school/traditional that can also work with  many types of styles and formats

After many years of experience, he works in a great variety of different styles, but his specialization is in traditional tattoos. This has made him a well recognized artist among the classics. He prefers not to limit himself to a single field, constantly expanding his training and enjoying working in other styles.

Aram Rah

Tattoo artist that combines neo-tribal, neo-traditional and black work

Aram combines black work, neo-tribal and neo-traditional with very clever touches of graffiti culture, mural art and Japanese culture. 

Victor Chil

New school tattoo artist that also works with realism and contemporary Japanese in color

With over 15 years of experience in the world of tattooing, he has become a benchmark in the international scene of the profession. His work focuses on three defined styles: new school, realism and Japanese, always in full color and with his unmistakable personal touch.

Fran Bautista

Comic, anime and neo-traditional tattoo artist. Also, stands out in realism and walk-ins

Fran has been tattooing for over 6 years, since he started in his home country, Argentina. Since the beginning, he has been working on learning and progressing towards the style that defines him the most. In that way, nowadays, he found what he likes the best: color, comics, anime and neo-traditional. 

Emerson Ventura

American Traditional tattooer, with touches of ornamental and fine line a very delicate work

Fascinated and influenced by traditional tattoos in general, from American to European or Japanese, and by Tibetan painting. This is how we can summarize his work, a great mix of all that with the necessary dose of each one, always seeking to make the most solid, clean and lasting tattoos.


Tattoo artist with a style directly related to her training in the world of painting and illustration

A tattoo artist from Barcelona who works in a style directly related to her training in the world of painting and illustration. She makes tattoos with delicate but compact touches, fine lines and is always looking for well-calculated and organic compositions. She enjoys projects in different formats, creative and personalized, both in color and in black.