The best tattoo artist from Barcelona

Family Art Tattoo is a tattoo studio located in the center of Barcelona that aims to offer a complete experience to its clients through total involvement in each project and a long history in the tattoo and piercing sector.

We try to offer something more than a product, a complete experience where the client feels familiar and trustworthy, which helps make the process much more pleasant.

We believe in hard work and total involvement in each project entrusted to us, we value the opinions of our clients and we use our years of experience in the sector to offer the best possible result in each case, creating unique and completely personalized designs.

Family Art Tattoo Regomir 18

Family Art Tattoo Regomir

C/ del Regomir 18-22 Local
Barcelona 08002
De Lunes a Sábado de 11:00 a 20.00
Teléfono:  +34 93 295 55 52
WhatsApp: +34 606 592 140 
e-mail: familyarttattoo@gmail.com

Family Art Tattoo Banys Vells

Family Art Tattoo Banys Vells

C/ Banys Vells, 18 bis
Barcelona 08003
De Lunes a Sábado de 11:00 a 20.00
Tel: +34 93 706 89 76
WhatsApp: +34 664 570 656 
e-mail: familyartta2@gmail.com

The process of getting tattooed at Family Art Tattoo

Project proposal

In order to help you with the process of making your tattoo and making an appointment, we need some answers that will help us to do so. If there are details that you are not clear about or doubts between various design options, area, etc… Don’t worry, we can work on it together in a prior consultation before the tattoo. Here are some guidelines to be able to send information about your idea in a way that is easy for us to understand:

  • Idea description:
  • Area of the body to be tattooed:
  • Approximate size in cm:
  • Color or black and white? :
  • What is your time availability?
  • When would you like to do it?

Consultation appointment

The consultation appointment is to be able to talk to the tattoo artist about the idea, size, area to be tattooed, see the budget, clarify all your doubts, advise you and meet the tattoo artist.

This modality is advisable to contact us beforehand since it is not necessary for all types of tattoos. We usually do it when the tattoo is more complicated, large or a cover-up.

For mini tattoos these appointments are not necessary, although, if you need it, we will be happy to help you.

It must be taken into account that the consultation appointment is not going to draw anything prior since the appointment is to know what to do, clarify doubts and project what will be done.

We usually make consultation appointments at the beginning or end of the day of our schedule so as not to interfere with the appointments of clients who are getting tattooed.

To book this appointment you only have to contact us via whatsapp, contact form, email or social networks and we will organize the day and time, it is not necessary to leave a previous deposit.

In the event that after the meeting you decide to move forward with your project, you can book your appointment to tattoo or if you have to keep thinking about it, we will wait for you here, it does not have any kind of commitment.

Appointment to tattoo

This appointment is reserved under a prior deposit so that we can count on you and that the tattoo artist already has your design prepared.

The day reserved with the deposit, all you have to do is come with great desire and enthusiasm. Once you are with the tattoo artist before starting you will have a preview where he will show you the design, as discussed in the consultation appointment and finish specifying the design, size and area, etc. When that is ready the next thing is to enjoy your moment.

Quote review

Review appointments are not very common, but from time to time they are necessary, since during the healing process problems, reactions can arise and this can affect the tattoo.

It is necessary to contact us via Whatsapp and send a quality photo where the tattoo can be seen, in this way we can assess the state of the tattoo and the skin to be able to give you an appointment to review.

The review can be done after a minimum of one month to allow the skin to regenerate well and not damage the area.

Este repaso no tendrá ningún precio extra, está incluido en el precio inicial. Siempre que este dentro del tiempo aconsejado desde un mes a máximo 3 meses. 

  • If we detect that the causes are produced by a bad performance such as going to the beach, bathing, wearing very tight clothes prematurely or not within the period of time that we offer you…
    The review may have an additional cost.*
Everyone was very friendly. The shop was comfortable. The tattoo with Nicklas came out great and the music was good! Highly recommend going to this shop.
Elizabeth Megan Macadam
Elizabeth Megan Macadam
Muy lindo ambiente, buena gente y profesionales!
Ils sont top ! Merci à Juan ?
Turkesa Arte
Turkesa Arte
El mejor estudio de toda la ciudad. Cuenta con un elenco de artistazos, y el trato es inmejorable <3
Paz MC
Paz MC
Son muy profesionales, el estudio es una pasada con unos niveles de higiene y cuidado máximos, ponen una dedicación brutal a tu diseño y el resultado es espectacular. Yo he repetido porque la primera experiencia fue genial con el trabajo de Emerson, y la segunda ya fui con mi propio diseño que me Irene me adaptó para la piel. Hacen auténticas maravillas.
Alex Aisenstadt
Alex Aisenstadt
Me ha gustado mucho el servicio. Emerson me trató de una manera muy amable y me diseñó un tatuaje según lo que le mostré. Los precios me parecen muy justos y seguramente volveré para el próximo tatuaje.
Carlos Casanovas Pozo
Carlos Casanovas Pozo
Trato inmejorable, todos son unos profesionales. Irene es una máquina que es quien me tatúa. El trato es muy familiar y cercano. Lo recomiendo sin dudas. Un 10.
Óscar Chini
Óscar Chini
Hola a todos Mi experiència en el Famili un 10 Empece en el 2014 y para mi son muy Buenos tanto el Trato personal como en lo professional . Recomendable 100x100 Saludos a todos chicos seguir a-Si