Tattoo removal

There can be many reasons for wanting to remove a tattoo from our body

At Family Art Tattoo, Barcelona, we work with the most powerful machine on the market, the Ink Hunter Master, which correctly removes tattoos without damaging the skin.

The laser energy is focused on the points of the skin where there is ink and, after having chosen a suitable power and filters, it is projected on the skin. The pigments absorb the energy and explode, breaking the capsule where they are housed. The remains of pigments that have become free again in the body will be eliminated by the lymphatic system.

After a reasonable time (minimum 2 months) we will repeat the operation with a little more power. It will take from 3 to 12 sessions to completely remove the pigment, since the type of ink used is not known, or how deep it was tattooed, although with 2 sessions we can leave the skin ready to tattoo again (cover up ). We insist that the number of sessions will vary according to each case and the model used, so a result cannot be guaranteed based on the number of sessions, it is the body that is in charge of eliminating the pigment.

This type of laser is photoacoustic and not thermal. The basic principle is based on the fact that the Ink Hunter cosmetic laser emits a beam of light at high speed (5-8 nanoseconds), so there is no time for the skin to absorb enough energy to burn yourself.

For example, it is as if we passed the flame of a lighter under the hand quickly, if we did it more slowly we would burn.

The results speak for themselves, the regeneration observed during the first days by clients who have received a phototherapy session is much faster than those who have not. For this reason, we strongly recommend its use, even to apply it after any work that could have damaged the skin, such as a tattoo or micropigmentation.

It will always depend on the density of the ink, the age of the tattoo, the depth where the pigment is found and the color type. It should be noted that in colors such as yellow or green the number of repetitions can be much longer and we will not be able to obtain optimal results. If we had to indicate an average, we could say that we will need about 5 sessions with a not very complicated tattoo with the Master model.

The Ink Hunter Master Models are a cosmetic Nd:Yag Q-Switched laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm ideal for the removal of black ink from the skin. They also have a KTP filter to affect a wider range of colors, being able to eliminate even red, blue and brown colors, depending on their degree of intensity.

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