New tattoo shop in El Born – Barcelona

When you are looking for a great tattoo in Barcelona you need true professionals, who do a unique job that meets your expectations. Fortunately, Family Art Tattoo opens its second shop in Barcelona, where there will be no shortage of great artists recognized for their work and beautiful facilities in keeping with the picturesque Born neighborhood.

Your new tattoo shop in Barcelona

The new tattoo shop in Barcelona can be found in the Born, located at C/ Banys Vells, 18 bis (08003). After demonstrating our experience and dedication to our clients, by performing quality tattoos and incredible piercing jobs in Barcelona, after 11 years of experience, we continue to grow to reach you more easily.

In the Borne you will find great artists, such as Víctor Chil, Jan Janiurek, Fran Bautista and Aram Rah. From time to time you will have the opportunity to come across collaborators of high artistic quality such as the tattoo artists Mr. Zart, Damaris Benito and Xavi Xiva.

If you are new to the world of tattooing and you are thinking of getting your first tattoo, you should know our process. First, tell us the idea you have, how you would like it to be and in what area of your body you want it. To do this, you just have to choose the tattoo artist that best suits what you want, in order to determine the final project, after a completely personalized consultation.

The tattoo artists you will find in our new store

Quality tattoos are only achieved by the best. Luckily, you will find great tattoo artists in the Borne de Barcelona, closer to you.

Tattoo artist Victor Chil:

If you have the idea of tattooing something related to Japanese art, realism or the New School style, Víctor Chil will be the most suitable for you, due to his long experience in this area. Bet on a job done in full color; It will be like wearing a painting on your skin.

Tattoo artist Fran Bautista:

For his part, Fran Bautista knows how to introduce you to his specialty, comics and anime, which also knows how to combine very well with the neotraditional and the handling of color.

Tattoo artist Aram Rah:

Aram combines the black work, neotribal and neotraditional style. with clear touches of the culture of mural art and graffiti and Japanese culture.

Tattoo artist Jan Janiurek:

JIn Janiurek you will find an artist, his specialty is the Black and Gray style, with graphic elements, he also stands out in realism, color and cover-ups..

In our new tattoo shop in Barcelona, in the Borne, we have the most experienced tattoo artists, who offer you their long experience, as you can see in their work published on our website.

Contact one of our artists: or on their respective Intagrams, you can also go personally to Family Art Tattoo 2, C/ del Banys Vells 18 bis (08003).

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