Pablo Barada

Japanese style tattoo artist, recognized for his expression of movement

His strength lies mainly in his very loose and dynamic line tattoos, and in his compositions in general, that transmit his vibrant expressiveness into beautiful pieces, often influenced by Japanese art.

He creates masterpieces with vibrant tones, both in color and in black and gray.
Pablo Barada has been a great influence and teacher for many artists, being an inspiration in the tattoo scene in Argentina.

Helena Loga

Tattoo artist from Barcelona, specialized in blackwork and drawn dot work, she likes to include dark and goth type of style into her pieces

After finishing her studies in classical art and drawing, she decided to start in the tattoo world, thanks to that, her work has a very detailed style with many nuances.

Stefano Phen

Realism and lettering sketch tattooer with graphic elements classic from graffiti always keeping the urban touch

The Italian graffiti artist since 1997 and tattoo artist since 2009 creates multi-style compositions mixing realism and sketch technique with letters and classic graphic elements of graffiti and street art while maintaining an urban flavor.


Her pieces are characterized by images with an illustrative base, also adapting it to a “sketch” type style

The most characteristic thing of her pieces is the illustrative background on them, also adapting them to a “sketch” type of style. She works both in black and white and in color, but her main style is a mixture of both concepts, focusing mainly on details and the fusion of those two aspects.

Nicklas Westin

Contemporary, modern Japanese tattoo artist with great attention to details

Arrived from Sweden, Nicklas renews the image of the traditional Japanese tattoo by adding a touch of modernity. It’s very characteristic of his work the way he cares for every detail. 

Lucille De Vil

American Black traditional centered tattoo artist, with solid lines and black contrasts

Lucille comes from Alicante and she has been working with the whole crew from Family Art Tattoo for three years. She respects and admires all styles of tattooing, but her focus is on traditional American black, with solid lines and contrasting black.