New school cartoon tattooer with greater intensity of color and gradients in his designs

Although its incorporation into the world of tattooing is the most recent, it has already carved a niche for itself within the new school style with its particular casual variant. He highlights the intensity of color and gradients in his designs.


Tattoo artist specialized in Old school/traditional that can also work with  many types of styles and formats

After many years of experience, he works in a great variety of different styles, but his specialization is in traditional tattoos. This has made him a well recognized artist among the classics. He prefers not to limit himself to a single field, constantly expanding his training and enjoying working in other styles.

Emerson Ventura

American Traditional tattooer, with touches of ornamental and fine line a very delicate work

Fascinated and influenced by traditional tattoos in general, from American to European or Japanese, and by Tibetan painting. This is how we can summarize his work, a great mix of all that with the necessary dose of each one, always seeking to make the most solid, clean and lasting tattoos.