Nicklas Westin

Contemporary, modern Japanese tattoo artist with great attention to details

Arrived from Sweden, Nicklas renews the image of the traditional Japanese tattoo by adding a touch of modernity. It’s very characteristic of his work the way he cares for every detail. 

Aram Rah

Tattoo artist that combines neo-tribal, neo-traditional and black work

Aram combines black work, neo-tribal and neo-traditional with very clever touches of graffiti culture, mural art and Japanese culture. 

Fran Bautista

Comic, anime and neo-traditional tattoo artist. Also, stands out in realism and walk-ins

Fran has been tattooing for over 6 years, since he started in his home country, Argentina. Since the beginning, he has been working on learning and progressing towards the style that defines him the most. In that way, nowadays, he found what he likes the best: color, comics, anime and neo-traditional.