Pablo Barada

Japanese style tattoo artist, recognized for his expression of movement

His strength lies mainly in his very loose and dynamic line tattoos, and in his compositions in general, that transmit his vibrant expressiveness into beautiful pieces, often influenced by Japanese art.

He creates masterpieces with vibrant tones, both in color and in black and gray.
Pablo Barada has been a great influence and teacher for many artists, being an inspiration in the tattoo scene in Argentina.

Nicklas Westin

Contemporary, modern Japanese tattoo artist with great attention to details

Arrived from Sweden, Nicklas renews the image of the traditional Japanese tattoo by adding a touch of modernity. It’s very characteristic of his work the way he cares for every detail. 

Victor Chil

New school tattoo artist that also works with realism and contemporary Japanese in color

With over 15 years of experience in the world of tattooing, he has become a benchmark in the international scene of the profession. His work focuses on three defined styles: new school, realism and Japanese, always in full color and with his unmistakable personal touch.