Mr. Zart

New School/colora tattoo artist, with influences from graffiti and contemporary art

Graffiti writer since 1988, Zart started his adventure in the tattoo world in 2006. He can work with all types of styles, but the ones that he enjoys the most are new-school and colors, starting from his clients references and creating exclusive and unique designs, the goal being that each one has the tattoo that best suits their own idea.

Damaris Benito

Her designs stand out for the use of atypical and bright colors, related to pictorial art

Her identity is characterized by the prominence of color. Her studies in graphic design and illustration are reflected in her style. Her tattoos are closely related to pictorial art, unfinished lines, paint splashes, glazes, but always with a represented figuration. Her works stand out for the use of atypical and bright colors proposing a new reality different from the natural one that gives it a touch of fantasy and surrealism.

Oriol Lastiminute

Traditional American tattoo artist with contemporary influences

Oriol works with a traditional American tattoo base and technique but with contemporary influences, a style that resembles and moves away at the same time from classic tattooing and that takes on other sources such as illustration or painting.

Henry Knight

New school tattoo artist, with great influences from the graffiti and illustration world

Henry comes from the graffiti and illustration world, and you can tell by his work, which he tries to adapt to tattooing as much as possible. His biggest influence is newschool, but as he evolves, he dives into more traditional styles, such as Japanese.

Aram Rah

Tattoo artist that combines neo-tribal, neo-traditional and black work

Aram combines black work, neo-tribal and neo-traditional with very clever touches of graffiti culture, mural art and Japanese culture. 

Victor Chil

New school tattoo artist that also works with realism and contemporary Japanese in color

With over 15 years of experience in the world of tattooing, he has become a benchmark in the international scene of the profession. His work focuses on three defined styles: new school, realism and Japanese, always in full color and with his unmistakable personal touch.

Fran Bautista

Comic, anime and neo-traditional tattoo artist. Also, stands out in realism and walk-ins

Fran has been tattooing for over 6 years, since he started in his home country, Argentina. Since the beginning, he has been working on learning and progressing towards the style that defines him the most. In that way, nowadays, he found what he likes the best: color, comics, anime and neo-traditional.